Our mission


The principal purpose of the Josiah Hayden Pre-School is to provide a supportive, developmentally age appropriate and positive first school experience. 

The curriculum at the Josiah Hayden Pre-School is designed to not only meet the developmental needs of each age group, but also challenge each student individually.  Through monthly themes and daily discussion topics, our students follow a curriculum that enhances their language and literacy skills, helps to develop their math concepts and encourages scientific exploration.

Our staff work with the students to encourage and support each student as they learn important self-help skills and independence. 

We believe that play is essential to a child’s whole development.  Through the use of imagination, creativity and hands-on experiences, we can create a healthy and safe environment for children to have the freedom to express themselves, explore, discover their immediate world and have the opportunity to build their self-confidence.

Overall, we strive to create a classroom environment that promotes an interest in learning, a strong sense of community, a celebration of the diverse cultures that make our town unique, all while fostering each child’s own independence.  We focus on activities that support each child’s whole self- emotionally, cognitively, socially, physically and creatively and do this by providing our students a balance of structured learning, free choice and play.